Thursday, August 30, 2012

SO...Here's The Thing..........

So…here’s the deal.  I just don’t get gay people that are Republicans.  I’m trying, but I don’t get it.  The ones that I have talked to assert that they simply feel that they are more in tune with the Republican party than they are with the Democrats…oh…except for the gay issue.  It is just an issue to you?  SERIOUSLY?  Your very being…the WAY you are…who you sleep with..who you love is just an issue?  REALLY?  You would rather identify with a political party that HATES you so you can make sure that some poor kids don’t get a few of your dollars?  You would rather support politicians that want to BAN you and create amendments AGAINST you than vote for a party that tries to give healthcare to poor people? 

I was just reading an article about the Log Cabin Republicans (men who like men and women who like women but really love money).  They of course are “disappointed” that the Republicans adopted such an ANTI GAY (that’s you, Log Cabin people) official platform….BUT…they are so happy that the Republicans are talking about the issue.  REALLY?  Have you been listening to what they are saying??  At all?  Might I remind you that Santorum, Perry and Bachman are Republicans and they HATE you.  Romney and Ryan are no better.  They promise a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (which isn’t just an injustice to your entire way of life, but a rape of the Constitution itself)…a return to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (on DAY ONE according to Romney)…and lots of Supreme Court judges that will make your life extra miserable.

Make no mistake gay Republicans…your party leaders don’t want you in a log cabin…they want you HERE!

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